We can easily spend one week in Korçë (or Korca) between the city and nature. Perfectly located, several natural parks are nearby.

fiche tours pour siteYou will find at this link a .pdf document showing the activities you can do from my EcoHostel. It is deliberately abridged (the complete cards such as this one are available at the hostel). Please, feel free to contact me for any question.


Old Bazaar KorcaIt is one of the biggest Albanian cities with 75000 inhabitants. The city preserves its history with several classified buildings and typical houses, but also moves forward into the future with modern constructions. Important renovations have been done too, like the Old Bazaar neighbourhood, where it is pleasant to walk and chill.

Eventually, Korçë is well-known for its products' quality. Let's taste the traditional dishes or simply fresh fruits and vegetables of the market!

More infos here or on the city website!


06 24 Dardhe (4)Lots of activities are possible. Find these which please you the most:

  • sports: hicking, cycling, climbing, paragliding
  • discovering lovely villages: Lin along the Ohrid lake, Vithkuq, Voskopoje, Dardhe (and its skirun!)
  • or nearby cities: Pogradeç 30/40 minutes, Ohrid (Makedonia) UNESCO classified, Kastoria (Greece)
  • immersion in nature: camping in the mountains, hiking along lakes
  • cultural tours: museums, handcraft, traditions (music, danse...)
  • Korca specific products: honey, bier, wine, lakror, kernace...
  • relaxing: restaurants, bars, swimming in the lake (Ohrid with Pogradec for example or Prespa wilder)
  • and hightlights all the year: the karnaval in June, the "Pie Fest" in July (traditional pie in Korçë), the Bier Fest in August (with many concerts)...



And if you have more time and go further:

  • Tirana: 3 hours from Korca on a good road
  • Riviera: 5 hours via Tirana or Gjirokaster (nice old city)
  • Archeological site of Butrint
  • Berat city, UNESCO classified
  • Kruje: the most touristic place in Albania with its old castle et Skenderbeg museum
  • North of the country: Shkoder city with its castle too and a common lake with Montenegro, and also the Albanian Alps.