Drive in Albania can be an adventure sometimes! But it is, according to me, a perfect country for a roadtrip...

You will find on this map the free water sources along the roads as well as some (subjective) points of interest. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these places and I can advice you.

carte point eau et interet

Even lots of works have been done, some roads are difficult to drive. However, most of the main roads are brand new. There are also several highways (free for the moment). 

07 02 route de la mort entre Burrel et Peshkopi (1) g

Thus, we find asphalt roads, most of the time single track, and gravel/dirt roads. You will understand why we find so many carwash stations ("lavazhe") and tyre changes ("gomisteri").

Many gas stations too: it is impossible to break down! However, most of them accept only cash. 

The speed limits are weird sometimes (very low). The rule is to give priority to the right (even in a roundabout). The headlights have to be switched on all the time. 

06 26 autour du lac Ohrid (1) gUsually, people are pretty calm drivers. They honk to warn about their presence or pass. However, it can have many cars at some times of the day, with different kinds of vehicles (bikes, wagons, etc). 

So be aware but do not feel stressed! 

I will try to give you some reliable information about the condition of roads. I classified roads in 3 groups: from the very good ones to the difficult ones. You will find for these links of maps done with GoogleMaps, with English comments. 

Very good roads Good roads Bad roads
Asphalt roads, single or double track, mostly brand new   Not so bad roads (mostly in asphalt), and/or scenic roads Gravel, dirt, stone roads... Bad statement. But can be nice in bike for example...! 
Lien GMaps NORTH : Lien GMaps NORTH: Lien GMaps
SOUTH: Lien GMaps SOUTH: Lien GMaps


Don't hesitate to send me an email for more information. I'll try to help you the best I can. 

Useful are a map to know which road to take, a GPS to know your location and to ask localsabout the condition of the road before going there (mirë [mir] = good; keq [ketch] = bad).

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