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Influenced by Italy, Greece, Turkey, Albanian cuisine can be tried in fast foods, restaurants (taverna or bujtina) or at home.

We can eat at anytime with a budget from 1 to 12€ per person (from fast food to restaurants, drinks included).

Lots of pizzerias (pica) can be found, as well as kebabs (gjiro or doner), grills serving qofte (meat balls), sausages, brochettes, etc. We can easily find soups and salads, too.

One of the specialities (of Balkans) that you can find in small shops or bakeries is the byrek (pronounced "bourek"). It is a kind of pie, filled with cheese and/or vegetables, and sometimes meat.


The basic food is bread. You should be surprised discovering many bakeries (furë bukë) offering white bread, whole wheat bread, brioches, etc..


patisserie levendi

Talking about sweets, pastries (pasticeri) are also highly represented as well as ice-creams (always Italian influence). The cakes may look heav, but are often filled with a light cream. This is not the same for baklavas and other delicious sweets from the South.


Korçë is known for its Kernace: small grilled sausages.

You can also try kukurec (intestins become tasty and melty as they are slowly cooked!).

Another speciality (and the pride) of Korçë is the lakror. Here, byreks are not thick pies, which we can find everywhere in Albania. It is 2 thin crusts filled. Even a lakror festival is organized at the beginning of August.


Talking about drinks, we can not skip Korca bier! Made in the city factory since the beginning of the 20th century, it can be dark (e zeze) or blond (e blond). Some people says the best of Albania...

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