18 07 30 Prespa i vogel (15)Natural parks are one of Albania's treasures. They are spread over the country. There is no rules in place to protect thoses areas, thus don't be surprised if you see some trees that are cut!
Fortuately, Fauna and flora remain very abundant... We can find for instance the very famous vertebrates: bears ans eagles. We can find as well endemic bird species.
So, hiking is a perfect way to discover these natural sites. Nature is very wild, no mark up! The best is thus to hike with a local guide. Specificly about Korca area, I made some hiking maps available for downloading...

Korca is mountainous. Although the city is surrounding by Morava mountain (1340m altitude), reachable by foot or car. Lots of inhabitants walk in these mountain paths from the city, from dawn. It's a highlight offering a view of the large valley and the surrounding moutain ranges.
The city "breathes" thanks to many green spaces and the big Rinia park, located in North of the city.

Then, there are two lakes reachable with a 40 minutes drive from Korçë, ones of the biggest in Europe (Ohrid is 358 sqm and Prespa is 259 sqm).

gollomboç (1)Guri i capitThe Drenovë park contains the Guri i Capit, a summit with a particular geological shape, and ruins of communist period (former military base).
The natural park of Prespa offers peaceful places to camp, swim, etc. Hiking trails are available. You can also visit the lake island, with its 13th century church.
Caves are reachable (Tren cave for example) more or less easily in several parks.

Eventually, the historical village of Dardhë, located in the natural park of the same name, is reachable with a 45 minutes drive. You will enjoy the preserved architecture and mountainous landscape.