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End of the hosteler time for me.
I gave me 3 years to see if it could work well. The events decided for me eventually. I'm closing mid of August because there is such few people, unuseful fees, stress for nothing and a sad atmosphere that is heavy for my moral. Perseverance yes, persecution, no.
Sorry for people whom had no time to come or come back to see this little hostel... But that's life and its surprises. And from any event, we can learn and get positive things from it. It may be good to change the travelling way which is rather consumption actually than discovery, exploration.
No sadness regarding the business but sadness about leaving this country I like so fast. Poorer financially but richer humanely, that's what matters. Despite the few clients, I did nice meetings again, tenacious travelers. I spent good times with friends in this pleasant garden, walked in the beautiful mountains, swam in the peaceful Prespa lake, wandered in the lovelly streets of Korçë...
After Lille, the city of my heart, Albania is the country of my heart. I hope to come back as the visitors. And I hope that many visitors will come again (but not too much). It is a precious place to discover and keep.

And the good news is that the hostel is not dead! Géraldine and Lionel, un French ski teachers couple, will continue the business starting September. They know Korçë even better than me because they helped to build the unique ski run of Albania (located 30 minutes from Korçë). They will stay a little bit during winter too.
I wish them a good installation and such pleasure, work, beautiful meetings and joy as I had.

And for me...? A new enterprise which was already in my minds: agriculture. This is meanful, I feel it inside so I'll try. "White land", long-term, new step, based in... Picardy. Life is a circle.
I will tell you more in a few month if you still want to receive some news about this new adventure. I'm already enthousiastic!

Be well. Take your time.
Joy and good mood around you!


A winter in France, some surprises, some travels, unexpected events until this virus...
But here I am, my hostel is open again for the 3rd season!
There is not so much travellers in Korçë. The few tourists seen are glad to enjoy empty and quiet sites but I hope this will change quickly. I tell to French friends that it was easy to come with my van full of stuff. It has never been so easy for me to cross borders (Germany, Autria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro). No specific controls on ground borders and flights Paris-Tirana operate since the beginning of July.
More cancellations than bookings so far but crossfingers!

Hoping everything is fine for you, I wish you a beautiful summer.

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Dear all,

It's still time to wish you an Happy New Year! A little bit after everyone but why be in a rush? This year, highlights on slow tourisme. Take some time: for you, for the others, to discover, to contemplate, to marvel... And why not in Albania?
If you want some explanation about slow tourism (and sustainable too), you can find new infos added on my website:

And to have an idea about what to do in Korca, let's go on this page.
I added a link to a file available at the hostel (it is cut for the website, you have to come for all ;) ).

I wish you a year 2020 full of nice suprises, shared joys and amazing trips.

See you around or elsewhere on our small earth.