Lots of different vocabulary (ecotourism, slow tourism, etc) but a shared momentum to a sustainable tourism. It is an alternative tourism putting humankind and meetings in the center of the travel and in a way to develop a territory. 

To speak of the same things, let's begin by a few definitions. Here are interesting articles about slow tourism: Breda University article or SundayForever article.


So, even my EcoHostel is open to every profiles, the installations and state of mind come within the scope of sustainable tourism for the pleasure of slow tourists

What is it?

  • go slow: take the time discovering the city and the area, appreciating landscapes, opting for instance for less polluting ways of travel (walking, bicyling). 
  • more authentic: be concerned about local population and learn more about it. The goal is to immerse yourself in the place you visit, avoiding mob and choosing less-known tours. Nothingbetter than a local contact giving to you the good deals. You don't follow a guide book but go with the flow.

- find time to take some time -


Now, we take some time, we are aware of what we are doing! We can experience to the full this travel affair in an EcoHostel. Why?

  • limit the impact on environment: I make local products my first choice (shorts tracks and organic), I make aware of energy and water savings. To this end, here, I will add soon environmental labels showing hostel uses. 
  • promote local initiatives and activities: I inform about local events (concerts, festivals, etc), I am a link between travelers and locals who have specific skills (about food, guides, etc).

- become a responsible traveler -

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